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    Everlasting Friend

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    Blue October

Everlasting Friend - Blue October

-Mistakes become our medicine. Delay the mournful words of complicated overcast. I might crumble, I might take a fall again (still missing you). A heartbeat skip, relationship; a teardrop drip below my lip, beside the airport gate. A real-life script of how our hands would hold and not let go. But we wave respect goodbye. I just want to know that you’ll be coming home.

I try to not do this sort of thing, but damn it, it’s my blog. I broke up with my boyfriend last night. Although it was my decision, and a necessary one, it still fucking hurts. We were in love for at least six months, and we still love each other, and I think that makes it harder. It’ll be better in the long run; we are far too different from each other to make it last, and at least we’re both young and don’t have kids, but it still feels like someone has reached inside of me and ripped out a part of me somewhere deep. (and, of course that someone is me, so I have no good excuse for feeling this way.)

So, I’ve been listening to the album Foiled by Blue October, and this song really sums up what’s left of my relationship. I can’t think of any band that this one is like. This is an original from my point of view. I discovered them by accident, and I’m glad I did. I couldn’t stand emo/indie breakup songs right now, and Blue October’s prevailing sense of optimism is what I need to hear. I’m going to listen to them and remember that I will come out of this breakup stronger, and although my new-found freedom is raw and bitter now, time will season it and give it a flavor I can swallow.

Into the Ocean

-I’m just a normal boy, who sank when I fell overboard.

X Amount of Words

-Still you try to control it; I only want to breath. Give me recipes for happy with the chemicals gone, drinking freedom from a bottle to the tune of belong. Your memory that punches me has broken a bone.

Drilled a Wire Through My Cheek

I’ve always heard this song as a testament to the difficulty of dealing with someone who is having an emotional breakdown. When listening to this song I imagine it is sung to the part of me that curls into a ball and weeps. It makes me empathize with the person who would have to deal with me, and it makes me feel stronger.

18th Floor Balcony

This is the tender spring after a harsh winter. This is pure new love that will wilt in the heat of summer, but will always come again. (exempting a nuclear winter, which, following the analogy, would be suicide.) I do know that I’ll feel this way again, and that keeps me going.

As a note about the band, part of what appeals to me is their use of non-specific lyrics. Their songs are ambiguous, so I can put my own meaning over them, anyone can, and interpret each song based on what the listener needs to hear at that moment. For me, that is the mark of a true artist.

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    Baby Drugs

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    Charlatans At The Garden Gate

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Tristen - “Baby Drugs” 

Nashville-based songstress Tristen is getting ready to release her debut album early next year. This track is wonderful because it showcases Tristen’s blend of indie, folk and country perfectly. Part sultry and part earnest with a hint of feminine charm, “Baby Drugs” is a great representation of her overall sound. We’ve covered Tristen before, and it’s really exciting to see a full-length on its way.

Charlatans At The Garden Gate wont be released until February 1st, but if you like what you hear, you can download the Eager for your Love EP for free here, courtesy of  American Myth Recordings.  

I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on a copy of Charlatans At The Garden Gate, and it’s everything I hoped it would be. Some of my favorite songs include “Avalanche”, “Tadpole”, “Doomsday”and of course “Matchstick Murder.” I hope you keep an eye out for Tristen next year!

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    Follow The Cops Back Home-easy

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follow the cops back home - placebo

it’s weird being around people you love all the time. sometimes you want to be in the center of it all, and sometimes you just want to get away. so right now is a melancholy mood as the party plays in the background, and for that, there is placebo. a band that is sometimes upbeat in rhythm but always morose in lyrics, it the bourbon for the cigar smoking lawyer, the dirigible hymn for the dearly departed.

i wax poetic. my apologies.

placebo is a hard band to describe. their music has an element of soul-touching that not every band can achieve and that is highly personal. i would say that have an element of angels and airwaves, but not as poppy, not as paced. they remind me in a way of coldplay as well.

all around, a very great band worth checking out.

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    Sick, Sick, Sick

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    Era Vulgaris

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    Queens Of The Stone Age

sick, sick, sick - queens of the stone age

i think it’s important to start your day in an upbeat yet disturbing way. queens of the stone age is pretty damn great for doing just that.

this is probably one of my favorite songs of all time. it’s great for doing pretty much anything; longboarding, cleaning the house, dancing, etc. and i love the lyrics. i don’t even know what some of them are or what the song is about, but it gets into my head and makes me happy.

queens of the stone age as a whole are a band worth checking out. i know i only have three followers right now, but really, youtube them or something. the best way i can describe them is punk for people who like indie rock. other great songs of theirs are: turnin’ on the screw, battery acid, i’m designer, run pig run, no one knows, the sky is fallin’, and god is on the radio.

their sound reminds me sometimes of a combination of the adolescents, subhumans and the white stripes. the lyrics though are all over the place. almost gorillaz-like in spontaneity, yet, unlike the gorillaz, there is an underlying meaning to their songs.

(yay, first actually descriptive song post!)

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