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Punk - by Lousia911

photo of the dusk

firstly, i want everyone to see that this is hand-drawn. this is also one of those anonymous pictures that i love so much, where you can’t see the face, but the emotion is clear.

this piece has a feel of both disdain and peacefulness; it seems to display someone both at peace with their world and at the same time not caring how anyone else will react to how different their world may be.

there is also a personal reaction here, i have a love of punk culture and punk style. i’m not going to try to espouse my ‘punk-ish-ness’, but if this were a person i saw on the street, i would want to meet them.

to speak of the skill of the artist here, look at the detail. this is a huge drawing, yet you can individual threads on his (his because of the adams apple, although it could also be a woman) jacket and individual hairs on his head. the textures are believable, both on the clothing and the skin.

and really, i just identify.

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